Emile Hassan Dyer


Emile Hassan Dyer

Affectionately known by his fans in Asia as "Jambo," vocalist, percussionist, choreographer, dancer, and storyteller Emile Hassan Dyer was raised in France and Senegal where he was influenced at an early age by the rhythms and music of West Africa. 

Dyer brings a multicultural perspective to music, drawing on his Cherokee and African heritages while performing the percussion instruments and vocal styles of many cultures. 

He has worked with such luminaries as Babatunde Olatunji, Bobby McFerrin, Kevin Locke, Titos Sompas, David Darling, Glen Velez, and Jim Scott, as well as Art Baron of the Duke Ellington Big Band and is a graduate of the Community Choir Leadership Training program.

Emile Hassan Dyer at Omega