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Please check the latest public health information regarding COVID-19 prior to your travel. This program is administered by Blue Spirit, which is responsible for on-site COVID-19 protocols and any necessary cancellations. We strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance.

Dive into a winter learning vacation experience—where there is something for everyone.

Sample from a variety of programs with Omega’s acclaimed teachers during weeks 1, 4, and 5—enjoying a new workshop each day to create your own experience.

Weeks 2, 3, 6 and 7 offer the opportunity to study in-depth with an immersion program.

See the Sleep Section for all-inclusive prices, as costs will vary depending on your room choices.

WHILE YOU'RE HERE, add an optional cleanse to any week: (additional charge):
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Week 1 • January 9-16

Sample from the following workshops during Week 1.

Mating in Captivity:
Unlocking Erotic Intelligence
Esther Perel

Unlock the Power of Purpose
Richard Leider

Your Vibrant Healthspan:
The Science of Stress Resiliency & Cell Renewal
Elissa Epel, PhD

Moral Distress, Resilience & Repair
Jack Saul, PhD

The Journey to Well-Being and Longevity
Stephan Rechtschaffen, MD

Living From Heart-Mind
Annette Knopp


Week 2 • January 16-23

Choose one of these in-depth workshops during Week 2.

Divine Healing Transformation
Rob Wergin
Unpleasant life experiences create energetic stagnation and blockages in the mind and body. During this healing week with Rob, you will experience hands-on healing transformations and Divine Light transmissions, and release physical, mental and emotional discomfort, pain, disease, and addictions, reconnecting to your true expression and vibrant health. Through lectures, discussions, and shared explorations, you will restore and maintain a joyful healing connection with the Divine.

Retreat to Spirit
Amina Naru & Pamela Stokes Eggleston
Imagine a new paradigm of compassionate co-leadership that is rooted in conscious relationship, self-care, vibrational alignment, and contemplative practice. When our inner spirit is depleted, everything suffers, including our service to others. This immersion is designed for everyone—including those in leadership roles at home and work, those wishing to become leaders, and those searching to discover embodied connections. Amina and Pamela, founders of Retreat to Spirit, share their distinctive leadership model.


Week 3 • January 23-30

Choose one of these in-depth workshops during Week 3.

Touching the Jaguar:
Rise to Higher Consciousness
John Perkins
Shamans, therapists, quantum physicists, and thought leaders know that reality is changed by altering perceptions. From the Amazon jungle to the Himalayas, shamans have taught that, to end crises, we must “confront our jaguars” and face the fears that block our access to higher consciousness. Join John, author of the New York Times best seller, Touching the Jaguar, as he guides you on shapeshifting journeys to raise consciousness and transform personal and global crises.

Freedom & Belonging:
An Embodied Exploration
Michaela Boehm
Through solo explorations, partnered processes, and somatic movement, we work with our constrictions, concerns, and contractions around intimacy, the erotic, and our desired relationships. We explore our relational patterns both through ancestral and familial patterning as we release the imprints of previous relationships. This retreat is designed to connect you more deeply with your body as an instrument of perception and connection. We utilize nature to awaken and expand the senses so you become more powerfully in tune with your relationships, creativity, community, and self.

Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics
Jeff Warren
All forms of meditation are built from a few core skills. They are: the rigorous pleasure of concentration, the electric zing of clear awareness, the transformative super-juice of equanimity, and finally—like a plump cherry at the top of our meditative sundae—the loving kindness of care. From these fine ingredients, so many good things come. This week is about empowering attendees to customize their own practice and explore what it means to be their own teacher. Also, there will be jokes.


Week 4 • January 30- February 6

Sample from the following workshops during Week 4.

Standing at the Edge
Finding Freedom Where Fear & Courage Meet
Roshi Joan Halifax, PhD

Rising Strong
The Future We Choose: Surviving the Climate Crisis
Christiana Figueres

Mantras, Music and Meditation
Deva Premal and Miten

Becoming BodyWise
Rachel Carlton Abrams, MD

Joy and Hope in an Age of Adversity
Douglas Carlton Abrams

Relax & Write
Maia Danziger, CPCC

Afro Flow Yoga
Leslie Salmon Jones and Jeff W. Jones


Week 5 • February 6-13

Sample from the following workshops during Week 5.

When the Body Says No
Mind/Body Unity & The Stress-Disease Connection
Gabor Maté, MD

The Soul of Money
Transforming Your Relationship with Money & Life
Lynne Twist and Sara Vetter

The Four Pillars of Healing and Well-Being
Jeff Rediger, MD

The Journey to Well-Being and Longevity
Stephan Rechtschaffen, MD

Living From Heart-Mind
Annette Knopp

Afro Flow Yoga
Leslie Salmon Jones and Jeff W. Jones


Week 6 • February 13-20

Attend this in-depth workshop during Week 6.

Jump-Start Your Memoir
Nancy Slonim Aronie
Jump Start Your Memoir is an inspiring immersion for the beginning writer as well as a nurturing experience for the burnt-out professional. Nancy Slonim Aronie, founder of the Chilmark Writing Workshop, creates a safe place where you can dive into writing, discover your own rhythms, use your own language, and tell your own story. Rediscover your authentic voice as we laugh, cry, and write. Feel more confident to get that untold story out of your body and onto the page.


Week 7 • February 20-27

Attend this in-depth workshop during Week 7.

Awakening Embodied
Loch Kelly, MDiv, LCSW
Discover how to access your effortless, awake nature and drop within—from your head to your heart-mind. Awakening is learnable and available as the next natural stage of human development. In this program you will learn to step out of your chattering mind and find ways to liberate difficult mental and emotional states by accessing your already openhearted presence. This retreat will help you learn to immediately shift into embodied effortless mindfulness to deeply enjoy nature and return home with a new capacity for peace of mind and compassionate activity.

  • Suggested reading: The Way of Effortless Mindfulness.


Supporting Faculty

The workshops are complemented by Mind-Body Practices throughout the week:

Vibrancy Qigong Practice
Steven Pague
Steven is program host for all seven weeks of the Omega program.
all weeks

Page Sieffert
Page is founder of Pilates Nosara training center in Costa Rica.
Weeks 1 & 4

Julian Devoe
Julian offers interdisciplinary yogaaccessible, informative and joyful.
all weeks


Optional Cleanse: Blue Spirit Longevity Program

7-Day Detox & Revitalizing Cleanse

Add this special weeklong cleanse health, longevity, and vitality. Revitalize your body through a nutritious cleanse diet, along with detox, supplements, superfood smoothies, and yoga and qigong practices. Return home rejuvenated, relaxed, and revitalized.

There is an additional $195 charge for this program. Please call Blue Spirit at 845.684.2007 to register for the cleanse.